Fellowships And Grants

If you become a theorist, you will likely want to write a fellowship and/or grant proposal at some point. Experimentalists do this as well, but typically not to the extent that theorists do. Below is a non-exhaustive list of a few resources you may find useful.

  • UCSD hosts this General Information page on fellowships. There are numerous other resources this website will point you to.
  • UCSD hosts the FISP fellowship every year. A benefit to this fellowship is that you can budget the money in a way that suits you. For instance, you can allocate 3k to purchase a new computer and the rest to fund yourself via stipend.
  • The Graduate Student Association gives out travel grants to conferences. Travel grants are awarded randomly to all eligible applicants, with preference given to those who have not taken advantage of the program recently.
  • The physics department runs something called the "Chair's Challenge" which you can apply to for travel funding. There is no website for this, so you should contact the Graduate Coordinator about this.
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