International Student Guide

International students at UCSD may benefit from the following opportunities to improve their English language skills:

English Language Training

UCSD Physics Department Bootcamp

The physics department hosts an English language preparatory bootcamp. This bootcamp typically takes place in the 3rd & 4th week of August right before classes start. As an international student you will receive information about it directly from the Physics Student Affairs Office.

UCSD Extension

Apart from the English bootcamp provided by the Department of Physics, international students can also take some English courses at UCSD extension ( such as pronunciation, presentation, and writing courses. The courses are basically free because the graduate division provides extension vouchers at the beginning of a quarter.

International Students & Programs Office English-in-Action

You can also sign up to practice speaking with a conversation leader who is an American to improve your English speaking via the English-in-Action (EIA) program by the International Students & Programs Office (

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