Guides And Tutorials

Introduction to being a Teaching Assistant

Besides your academic requirements in this program, every graduate student is expected to TA (or be a Teacher's Assistant) at least once during their tenure at UCSD. TA positions come in many forms:

Lecture TA's
Lab TA's
Tutors at the Tutorial Center

Read more at Introduction to TAing

First year Guide

The guide covers topics such as what to do when you first arrive in San Diego, class registration and finances, what to do when you first arrive at the Department, drivers' licenses and residency, what to do as an international student, etc.

Read more at First year guide

Final year guide

Here is a basic overview of what you need to survive your final year of graduate school. Be sure to talk early and often with Academic Affairs staff for links and due dates, and spend plenty of time going through the requirements laid out by the UCSD Graduate Division.

Final year Guide

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