Here you can find general information about the various computing resources available to the physics department, as well as some tips and answers to common questions.

There are several computing workstations available on the third floor of Mayer Hall 3421 for use by Physics graduate students, faculty and staff. There you can find Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux workstations as well as multiple printers.

Also on the 3rd floor is the Physics Computing Facility (PCF), which is staffed with awesome and helpful people. The PCF runs the aforementioned computing workstations and printers in Mayer 3421.

Guides and Tutorials

  • Printing - Information on campus wide printing, including poster printing. For information on printing in SERF & Mayer, contact PCF.
  • VPN - Instructions on how to establish a remote connection to UCSD's network. Establishing a VPN connection allows you to:
    • access scientific journals that may otherwise want you to pay (for instance, if you try to access from a home connection)
    • it will allow you to ssh to the PCF computers. If you don't know what "ssh" means, ask your good friend Google.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you are collaborating on a paper, ShareLaTex and Overleaf are online LaTex editors. You can set projects up so anyone in the collaboration can contribute.
  • Some academic software may be available for free, or at a discounted rate, through UCSD. Talk to PCF about what might be available for you.
  • To establish a personal website, hosted at, go to [] or contact the PCF staff at ude.dscu.scisyhp|troppus#ude.dscu.scisyhp|troppus. They can either provide hosting for HTML that you provide, or they can set up a Wordpress site for you.
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