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Visit the pages below to learn more about the different aspects of life as a UCSD physics grad.

You may also want to check out the PGC Handbook, which has some similar content.


Everything you need to know about graduate courses, the qualifying exam, degree requirements, working as a teaching assistant, etc.

Link to the Academics page


Computing resources for grad students at UCSD, and some nuts-and-bolts info about how to get things setup.

Link to the Computing page

Grad Life

How to live as a PhD student in San Diego.

Link to the Grad Life page


Various guides which may help you out with your 1st year, final year, and TAing.

Link to the Guides page


A guide to the different fields of research at UCSD, and information on how to get started doing research.

Link to the Research page

Student Community

Life within the physics department. Describes which administrators can help you with what, the various forms of student government within the department and the university, and the various non-academic aspects of life in this department.

Link to the Community page

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